The series of maths board games have been developed in response to the widely publicised poor maths pass rates and a call for assistance made by the Education Minister.

Our products are unique and a world first as they are essentially hybrids of text book and computer content condensed into portable ageless mathematics learning and teaching tools that provide support to teachers, learners and parents as well and this is where we have huge competitive edge. 

More importantly, these games are so dynamic that we guarantee that they will regularly and continuously provide new learning content not only for the current learners but for future generations as well. This is the VALUE ADD of our products that will ensure that our customers enjoy BIG PRODUCT SATISFACTION for a SMALL INVESTMENT forever. 

The intrinsic design of the games support the environmental target of reduce, reuse and recycle and are independant of mechanical parts and energy requirements. In this way our customers do not have to outlay additional money, beyond the once-off purchase price, in order to enjoy continued use of our products.

The   maths games comprise of dice, game boards, rule sheets, teaching guides and tip sheets, question cards and timers and are smartly packaged for convenience and portability.  

The   games are intelligently designed to support learner needs in each of the three school phases as follows:

  1. Foundation Phase - Grades 1 to 3 (one size fits all)
  2. Intermediate Phase - Grades 4 to 6 (one size fits all)
  3. Senior Phase - Grades 7 to 9 (one size fits all)

All games are directly aligned to the maths curriculum and are enablers to increase learner performance beyond that provided by the schools. 

Foundation Phase - Grades 1 - 3
Foundation Phase Game


In summary, the games promote and encourage:

  1. critical thinking
  2. collaboration, interaction and cooperative group work
  3. self directed learning and independence
  4. self discipline which enhances confidence and self-esteem
  5. peer review which leads onto mentoring
  6. and most importantly learning in a fun and enjoyable manner.



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