All parents desire a quality education for their children. To support this basic need, please answer a few questions which will assist you in making the correct decision to enhance your childrens' future.

Answer these Questions

Are you comfortable with the current maths pass rates?

Do you consider education to be escalating in cost?

Would you consider additional maths tuition for your children?

What do you consider to be the current investment of extra maths tuition?

Would you consider a once-off affordable spend on a timeless product to be a pro-active and wise decision?

Do you think that your children will benefit from the value added tips and tricks guide provided in our products?

If you have answered NO to the majority of questions then we won't be disappointed if you elect to leave us right now as we know that you will not need our dynamic series of maths games. We wish you all the best in educating your loved ones. For those of you who have answered YES to the majority of questions, let us move ahead.


We guarantee that our series of maths board games are uniquely designed such that they return different mathematically correct answers to the same question ensuring that learners enjoy renewed learning content forever.

With a guarantee like ours, you are a winner in all aspects. We re-affirm with you our position and compliance to the Consumer Act. Further to our unique guarantee, we have ensured that our customers are provided with an on-line purchase order form to ensure that purchases of our dynamic and new maths products are offered to you with the least inconvenience.

All payments are secured by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

 The games retail for only R350.00 (Vat, P&P incl.)

Make Your Purchase Securely and Conveniently by EFT into our Business Bank Account or Click on the PayFast Button if you want to pay via a third party.

Please complete the following information before you process your electronic payment. We will then be able to track and match your payment to your online order.

Select the game/s applicable to your learner/s needs that you want to purchase.

Now just click on the button below to confirm your order.

Our bank account details will then become available and pop-up in this space.

Make a note of the details and then move on to the bank links below to finalise your payment securely.

E-mail us on if you miss the pop-up and we will then assist you.

Please complete the above order form accurately as our system will be automatically updated with your order requirements promoting efficiency and convenience for you our valued customer.

For your convenience we have set up a link directly to your banks website for you to process an EFT securely.

Just scroll up a bit to see our bank details if you have agreed to our terms and have submitted your order.

Only R350.00 (VAT, P&P incl.)

 Alternatively pay via Payfast.  



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