"Mathematics education in South Africa is in a crisis at present, and the consequences are clear for all to see with the dearth of good quality university graduates across all scientific disciplines. Every effort must be made at the formative years to instill in our learners a deep yearning for mathematics and an appreciation of the wonders and the beauty of mathematics. is a really fun way to excite our young learners and to keep them focused whilst they learn some of the most basic and fundamental aspects of mathematics, the foundations of which are absolutely essential for success at the higher levels in our education system. I want to commend the authors of this new South Africa game for their ingenuity and their innovation. It is an absolute must for all learners who are serious about succeeding at school."

Prof Nithaya Chetty
University of Pretoria

"I was totally astounded when the 10 yr old girl multiplied 4 digit numbers mentally. I have been working in the banking industry and with numbers for the past 10 years and I could not even do this. I had to use a calculator. I will be purchasing a game myself so that I can learn to do this."

Kajal Singh
Business Manager
FNB Cormmercial

"I have seen the 10 year old learner calculate the answers to 3 and 4 digit multiplication equations in person. It is real. I will definitely get a game for my daughter. I hope that I will also be able to learn from this nice game and it is only R300 once-off. Isn't that nice and there is no need to buy batteries or recharge the game ever." Nzama Nxasana, Sandton, SA


"Our daughter has mastered her 1 to 12 timetable by using this innovative tool. She mentally calculates the answers to multiplication equations of 4 different numbers within seconds. She has quickly learnt to identify number patterns made available through the teaching and tips guide and uses these to her advantage. Her greatest achievement was when she correctly calcuated the answer to a 17 digit number multiplied by a 2 digit number in three written steps. Sure she will always have challenges to deal with, even in maths, as she matures but she will definitely have the mental capacity to tackle these challenges head-on.  Priceless. By playing the game, she has also improved on her literacy and has now started solving for x mentally at the tender age 10." The Developer, South Africa




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